Flutter Course Content

 1. Introduction

a) About types of mobile platforms

b) What is flutter

c) Flutter architecture

d) Flutter versions

e) Flutter windows setup

2. Flutter Basics

a) Creating a new project using VS code

b) Overview of generated files and folders

c) Analyzing the default app

3. About Dart

a) Dart basics

b) Play with Dart using online editor

4. First Flutter App

a) Building an app from scratch

b) Running the app on emulator

c) Class constructors & named arguments

d) Deep dive basics into flutter app

e) Building a widget tree

f) Visible & Invisible widgets

g) Adding layout widgets

5. Event Handling

a) Connecting functions with buttons

b) Anonymous functions

c) Updating widget data

d) Understanding lists (Dart concept)

6. Flutter widgets

a) Types of widgets

b) Using private properties

c) Creating a new custom widget

d) First styling & layout steps

e) Navigating official docs & widget catalog

f) Integrating with callback functions

7. Introducing maps

a) Mapping lists to widgets

b) Final vs. const keywords

c) About if statements

d) More on if statements(Dart concept)

e) The null value(Dart concept)

f) Outputting widget conditionally

g) Splitting app into widgets

h) Getters & else-if (Dart concept)

8. Running / Debugging apps on real mobile devices

a) Introduction

b) Running app on real android device

c) Running app on ios emulator

d) Running app on real ios device

e) Working with emulators and using emulators

f) Understanding error messages & fixing errors

9. Debugging

a) Introduction

b) Using the debugger

c) Getting started with the Dart dev tools

d) About Repaint Rainbow

10. Flutter widget & Styling

a) An overview of core flutter widgets

b) Combining widgets

c) About column alignment

d) Adding transaction model & transaction data

e) Mapping data into widgets

f) Building a custom list item

g) Advanced styling

h) Containers vs Columns vs Rows i) Using string interpolation

11. Forms & Gestures

a) Types of gestures

b) Flutter forms

c) Form Field widgets

d) Managing form state with form methods

12. Flutter animations

a) About animations

b) Custom painter and canvas

c) Types of animations

13. Flutter routing Flutter Course Content

a) Need of routing

b) Declarative routing & named routes & Routing animations

14. Flutter state management

a) Deep dive into stateful widgets b) Managing central state c) Blocs(Business Logic Components)

15. Using native device features

a) Using image picker & Camera

b) Storing image on the real device

c) Working with SQLite

d) Working with location services for google maps

16. Sending Http Requests

a) Introduction

b) On Device & Web Storage

c) Preparing backend

d) Working with futures in DART

e) Futures & Async code

f) Showing a loader indicator

g) Handling errors

17. Firebase

a) About firebase

b) Push notifications

c) About authentication

d) Building a chat app

18. Publishing App To Store

a) App configuration

b) Publishing android apps

c) Publishing ios apps

Course Highlights:-

1. Best coding standards while implementing the code

2. All examples & concepts are explained with realtime scenarios

3. Performance Optimization

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