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Sathvik IT offers best iOS Training in Hyderabad with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors
are working in Mobile App Development and related technologies for more years in MNC’s. We aware of industry needs and we are offering swift Training in Hyderabad Ameerpet in more practical way. Our team of iOS trainers offers iOS in Classroom training, iOS Online Training in hyderabad and iOS Corporate Training services.
We framed our syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programme depends on participants requirement.
We do offer Fast-Track iOS Training in Hyderabad and One-to-One iOS Course Training in Hyderabad. Here are the major topics we cover under this IOS course Syllabus Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder,Introduction to Objective-C, Cocoa Design patterns, Memory Management, Objective -C ARC, Orientation and iPhone sensors, WorkingWithTableView, Multi View Applications, CoreGraphics and QuartzCore, Maps SDK, REST and SOAP services , XML and JSON Parsing, MultiTasking in iOS, Testing And Deployment.Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

The goal of iOS Training course is to provide developers easy and complete understanding of the iOS with our Class Room Training. The swift Training course provides a series of sessions & Lab Assignments which introduce and explain swiftiOS course Training in HyderabadiOS training institute in Hyderabad Ameerpet.

Introduction to iOS

  • Why mobileltablet computing
  • About Apple, OS X, lOS
  • iOS background

2) App Development

  • Hardware: Apple Mac machine running with latest OS X
  • Objective-C language
  • Xcode
  • OS SDK
  • iOS Simulator or iOS Devices(iPhone,iPad,iPod touch, mini iPad)

3) Developing lOS Apps

  • Setup the environment. Get the tools installed on Mac.
  • Defining the concept, who is your audience, purpose of app, type of content to be

presented to the users.

  • Designing the interface. (Using Storyboards). Designing the Interaction.
  • Implementing the behavior by writing the code.
  • Defining classes, protocols. (Message contracts)
  • Incorporating the data. Creating data models, etc.
  • Adopting Design patterns.
  • iOS Technologies. (UlKit, Core Graphics, Core Text, Game Kit, Sprite Kit,

OpenGL ES, etc)

4) Objective-C

  • About Objective-C
  • OOPs concepts, principles & paradigms
  • Objective-C is superset of C with OOPs
  • Inherited all features of C. Variables, functions, Data types, Control structures

(If else, switch, for, while, do while), pointers, logical operators,

structures, and unions.

5) Classes & Objects

  • NSObject class
  • Syntax
  • Object creation, initialization, destruction
  • Methods declaration, defining

6) Objective-C terminology

  • Sender, Receiver objects
  • Messages, Selectors, Methods
  • Referring self, super, id

7) Memory management

  • Manual Memory Management (Manual Retain Release, MRR)
  • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • Auto release pools

8) Customizing Existing Classes

  • Categories
  • Extensions
  • Subclassing
  • Creating new classes, instance variables, methods

9) Working with Protocols

  • Define Messaging Contracts
  • Adopting, Confirming, formal & informal

10) Declared Properties

  • Declaring attributes (atomic, nonatomic, retain, copy, readonly, readwrite, assign, strong)
  • Generating Setter & Getter methods
  • Synthesise & dynamic

11) Collection classes, Foundation classes(Foundation Framework)

  • NSNumber, NSString,NSDate,NSData
  • Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets
  • Mutable objects
  • Fast Enumerations

1) Introduction to OS programming

  • Various UI Controls(UlTextField, UlLabel, UlButton, UlView, UlControl. UlTableView, UlCollectionVlew..etc)
  • UI Designing using Story boards
  • UI Designing using Nib files(.xib)

2) View Programming

  • Views
  • Windows

3) Design patterns

  • MVC
  • Delegate
  • Notification
  • Singleton

4) View Controller

  • UlViewController Life cycle, Subclassing
  • Lest with UlTableView, UlTabieViewController
  • Grid with UlCollectionView, UlCollectionViewController
  • Navigation with UlNavigatlonController

5) Presenting View Controllers from other View Controllers

  • Presenting
  • Dismissing

6) Various View Controllers

  • UlPageViewController.
  • UlPopov.rControll.r.
  • UlTabBarController

7) Designing UI with Auto layout

  • Auto layout concepts
  • Applying constraints

8) Event handling

  • cestures recognizers

9) Web services integration

  • JSON

10) Deployment and Distribution to Appstore

  • Crtlflcates (Development, Distribution)
  • Provision (Development. Distribution)
  • Application Ids, bundle identifiers
  • Adding devices
  • II) Core location and Maps
  • Getting user’s location
  • Displaying Maps
  • Annotating Maps
  • Providing Directions

12) Local and Remote Notification

  • Registering, Scheduling and Handling
  • Apple Push Notification Service

13) Application life cycle

  • Application states
  • Inter app communication (Air drop, URL schemes)

14) Miscellaneous

  • Integrating Social framework

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